Low Impact Bundle

Low Impact Bundle

Do you want to smoke + sweat while trying to be a little more gentle on your joints? Then this bundle is for you! Our low-impact bundle is a series of classes that will definitely have you sweating but you'll be dripping in success. When you purchase this bundle, you will have the ability to download and watch at your leisure, even offline!

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Low Impact Bundle

4 Videos

  • Full Body Energy Boost

    Grab your weights and pilates ball as Shane leads you in a full body workout that’s great for getting you up and energized! After starting with your legs, we’ll move into arms + shoulders and finish up with your abs and spine. Your joints will love this one!

    Speaking of joints, today we’re smok...

  • Cardio Sculpt Yoga

    Join Ashlee in this intimate high-intensity session. You'll take some time to reflect on your intention and tune in your mind before jumping into repetitive movements and long holds. No equipment needed, but grab water to stay hydrated. Use this workout if you've been needing a really deep stretc...

  • Power Flow

    In this power flow yoga session, Ashlee will guide you through quick breathing exercises before stretching out your hips to your glutes and up your spine. Expect to use your balance throughout the positions and don't forget to bring a towel!

    Today we're smoking CBD from TKO Reserve to aid in rel...

  • Mobility Flow

    You won't need to leave time for a shower after this sesh, we're taking it easy and keeping sweat to a minimum. In this workout, follow along while Shane gets your body moving with slow and functional methods meant to strengthen our bodies everyday movements. Grab a towel, a ball or pillow, and y...