Butt + Lower Body Bundle

Butt + Lower Body Bundle

Let's push our glutes to the max with the butt + lower body workout bundle! With a mix of heavy cardio and focused yoga, your behind is sure to be sore after this collection of smoke+sweat sessions. When you purchase this bundle, you will have the ability to download and watch at your leisure, even offline!

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Butt + Lower Body Bundle

5 Videos

  • Butt Builder

    Molly is kicking into full gear with her butt builder workout, targeting everything between your ankles and your abs. From squats to bridge lifts to squats to planks and to more squats, you’re sure to end your workout with a sore tushy… did we mention squats??

    Today, Molly and Verita are smoking...

  • Backside Builder - Hemp Farm Series

    Join Molly and Morgan on the hemp field as they work your lower back, core, and hips in this 30-min workout. You'll be sweating to the beat as you work through tricep dips, leg lifts and squats before beginning core work. We'll end on a leg focused set with side lunges + side kicks, small jumps, ...

  • Low Impact Backside Burner

    Join Molly and Morgan in a 30-minute workout meant to light a fire in your legs and booty. You'll start by loosening up your whole body before a series of leg lifts and toe taps. Finally wrap it up with some stretches, because you earned them.

    For this workout the girls are smoking Sour Diesel, ...

  • Hips + Glutes

    Join Ashlee and Verita in this 30-minute yoga session to strengthen your glutes and open your hips. You'll be stretching, bending, and balancing for a low-impact workout on your lower mid-section and improved mobility in your hips.

    Today these ladies are smoking Banjo, a mood-enhancing sativa th...

  • Modifiers: Squat Jumps