• Live Smoke + Power Flow w/ Chelsii

    Join Chelsii and Morgan in this live smoke + sculpt sweat-session from home! Join in live and replay at any time.

  • Tension Release Stretching - Hemp Farm Series

    We're getting down and dirty on the Hemp Farm as Chelsii and Molly lead you in a 30-min stretch-based workout. Through a series of bends, lunges, planks, and stretches, Chelsii is working to loosen up our bodies while keeping our heart rates low. As we wrap up with some light meditation you'll be...

  • Live Smoke + Sculpt w/ Chelsii

    Join Morgan and Chelsii in another live 30-minute smoke + sculpt workout session.

  • Energizing Sculpt - Hemp Farm Series

    Grab your weights and hit the mat with Chelsi and Morgan in this sunny, energizing body sculpt! You'll be getting that blood pumping as we all start with light core work and arm focused lifts. Next, we'll get your heart rate up with some jumping, lunges, and additional arm work. Finally, you'll w...

  • Live Smoke + Flow w/ Chelsii

    Drop-in for a 30-min workout with Chelsii and Morgan! Chelsii hurt her back so this session will focus on stretching, bending, and supporting your joints and lower back.

  • Live Smoke + Power Flow w/ Chelsii

    Join Chelsii and Morgan in this LIVE 30-minute at-home workout.

  • Power Flow - Hemp Farm Series

    Grab your mat and join Chelsii and Morgan in a 30-minute Power Flow workout on a working hemp farm! Follow along as Chelsii guides you through a series of lunges and upper body stretches followed by core work on your mat. Your session will end with full-body stretching and light balance strengthe...

  • Live Smoke + Sculpt w/ Chelsii

    Drop-in LIVE for a 30-minute workout with Chelsii and Morgan.

  • Live Strengthening Power Flow w/ Chelsii

    We're in full quarantine mode with our newest at-home workout! Join Chelsii and Morgan as they smoke and sweat live with you!

  • Lower Body Cardio - Hemp Farm Series

    Pick up those weights and join Chelsii and Molly in a 30-minute cardio session focusing on your lower body. We'll get our bodies warmed up with some planks and leg lifts before heading into a series on squats, running in place, jumping rope(no rope required), lunges, and jump squats. Repeat this ...

  • Live Smoke + Sculpt w/ Chelsii

    Join Chelsii and Morgan for a LIVE morning workout to get your day started right. We'll be smoking, bending, dancing, and stretching to your favorite tunes.

    (Audio quality improves at the midpoint of the stream, sorry! #mercuryinretrograde)