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Watch this video and more on Stoned+Toned

Watch this video and more on Stoned+Toned

Energizing Sculpt - Hemp Farm Series

Arms • 31m

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  • 10 Minute Arms

    Enjoy this quick 10-minute workout focusing on your arms! Join in as Shane works your future guns in a short but strong workout. You'll only need 2lb weights and a soft surface to do this one.

    Today Shane is smoking TKO CBD to mellow out her muscles and body without any real head high.

  • Full Body Punchout

    Get your dukes up with this boxing-inspired workout! Grab your 2lb weights and follow along as Molly leads you in 30 minutes of intense squats and punches. You'll drop to your mats to get your abs, lower back, and legs toned up before moving back into arm movements and sidestep squats. Skip the w...

  • Slow + Deep

    Grab your weights and get your body feeling good with Shane’s Slow+Deep full-body workout! Follow along as she leads you in slow and intentional movements that focus on strengthening your legs and glutes followed by low impact weight lifting and modifiable lunges and planks. You will leave feelin...

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